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Adele Covers Vogue With Her Trademark Eyeliner Nowhere In Sight

Definitely in sight, though? FLAWLESS SKIN.

Just when you thought you couldn't love Adele any more, she covers Vogue and not only looks gorgeous, but gives — as always — a fascinating interview.

The cover — shot by Annie Leibovitz — features the singer with minimal makeup and, perhaps most shockingly, without her trademark winged eyeliner. While the cover is low-key, her pre-show preparations are certainly not — her ~transformation~ takes two-and-a-half-hours. "It's a real pleasure for like an hour," she says, "then your bum goes numb and your back starts to ache!" (Psst, Adele, do it the same way Kendall Jenner does — while eating bacon and napping.)

The story is full of apt style commentary from Adele — she describes putting on Spanx "like pumping a sausage bag full of meat," so, yeah — but nothing tops the instructions she gives to her hair and makeup people, aiming for something "perfectly in between 'done' and 'not done.'" Like, nothing has ever described the look I go for ever single day more perfectly. Thank you, Adele. Thank you.

Read the full interview and gaze at the gorgeous photos on Vogue's website.