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Taylor Swift’s Brother Perfectly Responds To Kanye's Shocking ‘Famous’ Lyric

'Ye seemingly calls out Taylor in a new song -- but Austin Swift and Calvin Harris aren't letting it slide.

While debuting his new album and Yeezy Season 3 collection at Madison Square Garden on Thursday afternoon, Kanye West treated fans to several surprises. There were, for example, the unexpected features on The Life Of Pablo (like Rihanna and The Weeknd), as well as some mind-boggling name-drops (like Blac Chyna and Ray J).

The most shocking lyric of all, though, might have been when Kanye seemingly referenced Taylor Swift in a pretty appalling way. “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I made that bitch famous,” he rapped on the track “Famous.”

It’s no secret that ‘Ye and Tay have an unusually storied history together. He memorably interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs, when he hopped onstage during her acceptance speech to announce that Beyonce should’ve won over her. It was a mortifying moment, but one that was ultimately forgiven when, at the 2015 VMAs last August, Taylor presented Kanye with the Video Vanguard Award. On top of that, Kanye even sent Taylor a preposterously humongous bouquet of flowers, and all was right and good in the world.

Until their beef reared its ugly head today like a regenerating monster. Baby, now we got bad blood (again).

While Taylor has yet to respond to the unflattering shoutout, her younger brother Austin has come through with a hilarious, biting retort of his own. Not long after the Yeezy Season 3 livestream ended, he posted a video on Instagram that shows him chucking his Yeezys in the garbage while whistling nonchalantly. (He probably could’ve made a killing on eBay instead, but this seems WAY more satisfying.)

“Getting a head start on some spring cleaning,” Austin wrote in the caption. “Here we go again.”

Things got even more interesting when Taylor’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, liked and commented on the post, according to a fan-captured screenshot. His reply? One giant LOL.

Taylor’s BFF Jaime King also responded by reportedly deleting a video that she had posted from the Yeezy event earlier that afternoon, and instead expressing her disappointment on Twitter.

The only question is: Will Taylor respond? Should she even bother? It was a pretty tasteless lyric on Kanye's part, and one that doesn't even make a lot of sense... how exactly did he make her "famous?" That 2009 VMA moment happened when Taylor was already doing just fine for herself (something evidenced by the very fact that she was onstage accepting an award). Whatever she chooses to do, at least her friends and family clearly have her back.