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This Teacher's Extra Credit Questions Deserve Extra Credit

You may not know statistics, but maybe you know about the Beatles.

Some teachers play by a very strict set of rules: "know everything from today's lesson by tomorrow," "your homework is to read this entire book and write a report on it over the holiday weekend," "here's a pop quiz because it's a part of the week that ends in D-A-Y," and so on. ?

Then, there are teachers that teach you what you need to know, but can still have a little fun with their students.

Imgur user SharkyTheSharkDog uploaded an album of the extra credit questions their statistics professor includes on every test that have nothing to do with statistics, but everything to do with being an awesome teacher.

That way, if a student forgets why they would want to convert "z-scores into a standardized distribution with a given mean and a standardized deviation" (WUT), they can complete a rap verse or relay a dumb conversation they overheard to get them a couple more well-needed points on their test. ?

Check out 7 of this teacher's amazingly funny extra credit questions below.

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