Was Sneaking Into A Kanye West Concert This Week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

It was the night Yeezy announced some life-changing news...

The tales featured on "Greatest Party Story Ever" just keep getting Stronger.

The proof: Tonight's brand-new episode featured the one and only Kanye West, who was performing one of the most memorable concerts of his life. But does the epic Yeezy anecdote deserve the No. 1 mention for this week's installment? We did have an unbelievably spiritual night at Coachella, a horse chase and an unintentional trip to a Mexican brothel...

Review a modified version of the adventures below and share your favorites in the comments, then be sure to keep watching "GPSE" every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • God at Coachella

    Anything can happen at the annual event -- and for our storyteller, that meant dropping some acid and seeing God. A bit of context: The big man upstairs advised the concertgoer that he needed to go home, see his family and go to school. Well, let's just say this vision led him to leave his friends behind in the desert, abandon his phone, hitch a ride to LAX and travel back home to his New York roots. Turns out, the guy's father (who picked up his son at the airport) revealed that he had prayed to God every day that his child would return to the East Coast. It's all fate, folks!

  • Bitch Better Have My Gnome

    Our narrator made sure to snag a souvenir from his very first college fraternity party: a red gnome, which just happened to be the establishment's mascot.

  • Cowgirl Wasted

    It's never good when a wild animal roams free -- even worse when you’re the reason the horse is on the loose (because you’re drunk) and you need your father’s assistance to catch the speedy mammal.

  • Kanganuts

    Let's just say our Aussie gal's homecoming for a music festival with a few pals took several wild turns. Specifically, the crew hitting a kangaroo en route to said location and their alcohol supply (coconuts filled with booze) flying all over (and damaging) the car. And even though their vehicle was a donefer, the friendly tow truck man gave the ladies a ride -- and all's well that ends well.

  • Kickin’ it with Kanye

    If you're trying to make your way inside of a Yeezy show, just pretend that you're a photographer. That's exactly what our main man did with his friend -- and he even got the opportunity (on the stage before the concert) to tell the rapper how much he admired his work. Turns out, our protagonist was there for a pretty epic moment: It was the night Kanye announced that he and Kim Kardashian were expecting their first child.

  • Ivaminos Amigos

    Never ask a random cab driver in Mexico to take you to a fun spot, because you might just end up in the middle of nowhere...at a brothel.