Alo Ceballos/GC Images

Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Pick For The Most Memorable 'Laguna Beach' Line

A hint: The then-Queen Bee uttered the iconic phrase herself.

"Laguna Beach" is best known for launching an iconic group of teens into the spotlight -- and along the way, the gang (including Kristin Cavallari) was known for uttering some priceless statements when they were out and about in their beachy hometown.

But what line would the mother of three deem the most memorable from the classic MTV series? A hint: It's not from when her then-boyfriend Stephen Colletti reacted to her provocative dance moves during spring break in Cabo.

"Dunzo is sort of my one thing," the shoe designer recently told InStyle about the stressful scene. "People tweet me all the time: 'My car is dunzo!'"

Well, K-Cav's hysterical reaction to her white SUV conking out in the middle of the road could have been uneventful -- but her yelling about the state of her vehicle and slapping the steering wheel in sheer anger is what makes it a true gem.

What do you think is the most unforgettable quote from "Laguna Beach"? Share 'em all in the comments -- and because it's Throwback Thursday, relive Kristin's magical "dunzo" exclamation below.