Are Boy Meets World’s Shawn And Angela Getting A Second Chance At Love?

The answer better be yes.

While Cory and Topanga were the OTP couple on Boy Meets World, another couple made us believe in love before shattering our fragile hearts into a million tiny pieces. Shawn (Rider Strong) and Angela (Trina McGee) had a more relatable love story than Cory and Topanga's.

For starters, they didn't grow up as kids together; they didn't have that kind of history with each other. Both came from broken homes and darker backgrounds than Cory and Topanga. And they suffered more drama than America's favorite couple. Unfortunately, Shawn and Angela broke up for good by the end of Boy Meets World and that was that. Shawn went off to New York with Cory and Topanga, and Angela was just a painful memory.

That changed when the two were reunited years later on the spin-off series, Girl Meets World. Of course, their reunion was bittersweet, since Angela had since married a military man like her late father. Angela went to Shawn for advice about having children, fearing she'll be an awful mother like her own was. But Shawn, being the guy we know and love, encouraged Angela to "put more of [herself] in the world," and our Shawngela (is that even a ship name?) feels came flooding back in powerful waves of emotions.

McGee hasn't guest-starred on Girl Meets World since, but it looks like that's about to change. On Thursday (February 11), McGee uploaded three pics to Instagram with captions that are making us dance like Feeny.

  • The first pic alluded to her appearance on Season 3 of Girl Meets World.

    "It's going down in 3rd," wrote McGee.

  • The second one teased us even more.

    "I remember her... love to see her again wouldn't you? Seasonal spice #3," the actress captioned. Seriously, Angela Trina, you're killing us here.

  • But it was the final photo that had us losing our minds with hope.

    Looks just like a #TBT, right? (Today *is* Thursday, after all.) But then McGee writes these magical words: "Once upon a time ... is coming back." OMG.

But wait a sec, does that mean Angela isn't married anymore? What happened with that? And isn't Shawn with Maya's mom, Katy? So many questions, but at least we can (hopefully) expect to see Angela's return on Season 3 of Girl Meets World. Who knows? Maybe they'll get the happily ever after like Cory and Topanga. Until then, we'll just keep hoping they continue to say "goodbye."