There's A Fuzzy Pig That Totally Looks More Like A Sheep

A pig that comes with its own blanket. ?

The animal kingdom is simply bonkers. You learn about dogs, cats, bears, mice and such as a kid, but then later in life your understanding of animals is completely turned on its head. Take this pig that looks like a sheep, for instance.

The Mangalica (or Mangalitsa) is a pig native to Hungary that grows a thick wooly coat. They were close to extinction until 1990, when pig breeders revived their numbers. While originally bred for food, these fuzzy-wuzzy pigs have even temperaments and can be domesticated. (!!!)


This means you can own one of these things!

"There’s nothing cuter in the world than a little blonde or red-haired Mangalitsa ... If you treat them nicely, they’ll become as tame as dogs. They’ll follow you, play with you," pig breeder Wilhelm Kohl told Modern Farmer, although later in that same article he also calls them the "Kobe beef of pigs." ??

Just, um, ignore that last part about eating them and look at nine pictures of this amazingly cute animal below. ?

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