The Never-Ending Story Of Flo Rida Hits

Why we love Flo Rida and more of the same.

Originality in pop music remains overrated. Pop ebbs and flows whether every new song attempts upheaval of the status quo or merely maintains it. Flo Rida’s entire career embodies this, er, dark secret. Rather than push forward, he aims to give music fans what they’ve already wanted. Last week, he did it again, breaking into the Billboard Top 10 with “My House.” It’s a hip-house song so obvious it feels like you’ve heard it 13 times before the second chorus closes, or like you know all the words within 40 seconds. That instant familiarity can produce a glaze of uninterestedness, but this slickness is what has given Flo Rida a decade of market-approved bangers.

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