Not Safe For Work, But Good For The State Of Sex Comedy

Nikki Glaser's new Comedy Central show takes a refreshing and honest approach to the subject of sex.

Let last night’s premiere of Not Safe With Nikki Glaser illustrate one of the great paradoxical principles of human relations: Sex gets funny at exactly the moment you stop telling jokes.

Just as her friend and fellow Comedy Central star Amy Schumer is more inventive in the pre-recorded sketches on Inside Amy Schumer than in her stand-up, comedian Nikki Glaser (the onetime co-host of MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live) shines most in the moments when she isn’t pitching laughs directly to the audience. Split about evenly between taped segments and time spent spitballing sex jokes with friends in front of a studio audience, Not Safe is at its most exciting when it gets out of the studio and into the world.

Left to her own devices, Glaser fashions her camera crew into a safety net and proceeds to push her own boundaries, diving headfirst into the free fall of modern sex and dating. In the first episode of Not Safe, she straps friends up to lie detectors and asks them if they’d have sex with her, or throws herself into a foot-fetish party (as a woman with self-described “busted” feet) for the cause, and the results are both funny and insightful.

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