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Reflect On Kanye West's Incredible Career With This New Mini-Doc

Right on time for his new album.

The College Dropout celebrates its 12th anniversary today. Kanye West's new album, T.L.O.P., is due out tomorrow. So now's about as good a time as any to celebrate 'Ye's illustrious career and impact.

And now, thanks to a new mini-doc, Dissertation: A Kanye West Story, we can take 17 minutes to do just that. The piece, which is directed and produced by Armani Ortiz and Dan Buyanovsky, features interviews with critics from The New York Times, Billboard, XXL, HipHopDX, The Fader, Pitchfork and Complex to track the evolution and impact of Kanye's music and celebrity.

Dissertation: A KanYe West Story from Dissertation on Vimeo.

"Coming from a background in journalism, I know there are some artists that writers can talk about and debate to no end," Buyanovsky, who has worked for XXL and Revolt, told MTV News. "Kanye's at the top of that list, followed now by Future and Young Thug, I guess. I'd had enough of those conversations that I knew it'd be great to talk to the people who could talk about Kanye better than anybody, the writers who've covered his career and would be able to give their opinions, good or bad, on his past and future. At the end of the day, this project is just a small sampling of the people who have interesting things to say about Kanye, and hopefully when people watch it they spark up a conversation of their own."

Ortiz added: "For the most part we only learn about Kanye West through what we read and see. With this documentary, we wanted to tell his his story through a journalistic lens. And as we take a look at the yearbooks of a college dropout, we remember why we fell in love with him and his music in the first place."

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