'True Life' Update: Has Jonahs Finally Found A Partner Who Accepts His HIV Status?

Plus, find out if Lexi is still with her boyfriend Max.

MTV's "True Life: I'm Dating With HIV" followed two young people who are looking for their special someone while living with HIV. We had an opportunity to check in with Jonahs and Lexi to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:


Have you seen DJ since your date?

Yes, I have seen him! We figured out we are definitely more friends -- we see each other out and about in DC, but no, we are not in a relationship.

Are you dating anyone now?

No, I am not. Still on the market and still looking!

What kind of responses have you been getting from people since you decided to post your status?

No one has reached out and said anything negative to me about it. But I definitely get more people reach out who are also HIV positive. It is WAY less stressful -- I don’t have to worry about how they are going to react or making them understand. HIV positive guys knows what you are going through and make you feel more at ease. Now, I am not dating only HIV positive guys -- there are a lot of people, especially more mature guys, who are more accepting and understanding and educated on the topic.

What has been your best -- and worst date -- since the show?

I went on a laser tag date with a guy, and that was a lot of fun! The guy was HIV negative. I talk to him every now and then but mostly only see him for some late night action! I haven’t been on any bad dates, surprisingly! If someone isn’t into me, I don’t waste my time and get too caught up with it. After MTV left, I hosted a little gathering, and I told the rest of my friends that I have HIV. Some were sad, but everyone was very supportive, and I am happy did it. I love living my life more open.

How is your status currently listed on your profile?

I still post my status on my profiles. But since the new year, I have actually been taking a little bit of a break from the online dating and have been trying to do it the old-fashioned way and go out there and meet guys. Fingers crossed!


How have you been doing since your breakup with Max?

I have been focusing on my vlogging, my next steps in life and just enjoying life. It was super rough emotionally, and once I took the time of being angry and sad, I feel I can finally move on.

Have you two been in contact at all? How are things between you two now?

After filming, Max and I broke up and got back together about three or four times. I fell in love with him even harder after filming. I wasn't ready to let it go, and I still had hopes things could change. [But now] things between Max are completely over. We are still cool between each other -- I just don't want any contact with him. I broke things off again about a week ago for the last time. I am so ready to move on with my life. Having Max in my life was so great, but it brought more drama to my life than I knew what to do with. I do love him and wish the best for him.

What did you learn from your experience dating Max?

I learned so much from being with Max. I learned that someone CAN fully love me, adore me, want me, and Max showed me what that looked like. Max showed me that someone can be so into me. What I learned is that, although the passion, connection and love is all there, that shouldn't be the only reason to stay. Our relationship was lacking respect on Max's end, but only because of his own issues in life he's dealing with. I had to set aside our love for my own self-respect. This was one of the hardest relationships I've ever had to walk away from. But walking away, I feel my level of respect for myself has grown, and I now know what I want fully. I know what that looks like. I can have what I had with Max, and then some!

Are you seeing anyone now?

I am not currently seeing anyone. There are guys that show interest, but I am not interested.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plans are to continue vlogging, continue to work on my business/program (which is changing directions a bit), and continue to break down the HIV stigma.