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Martin Shkreli Is Getting Sued Over The $2 Million Wu-Tang Album

So is RZA.

Martin Shkreli has a new adversary to add to a growing list.

According to Reuters, Shkreli, the pharmaceutical CEO also known for purchasing the sole copy of the Wu's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, is being sued over that album by a fan. That fan, Jason Koza, filed a complaint in a Manhattan court on Tuesday, claiming that his artwork was used without permission both on the album packaging and in an article about Shkreli. RZA, for using the art on the album, is also named in the suit, as is producer Cilvaringz.

Shkreli made headlines last year not only for buying the album for a staggering $2 million, but also when his company raised the price of an HIV medication from $13.50 to $750. He's since been both called to testify in front of Congress and engaged in a fiery war of words with Ghostface Killah -- two equally alarming situations.

Revisit Ghost's anti-Shkreli video from yesterday below.