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Watch This Dude Put His Tongue In A Mouse Trap In Super Slow Motion

'If you get your tongue stuck in a mouse trap you would pronounce it 'mouth trap' which is what it would be.'

In MTV's seminal 2002 smash hit "Jackass: The Movie," Ehren McGhehey, dressed as a mouse, crawls through a room filled with mouse traps. More of them go off than one can count in the 23-second clip, causing unimaginable pain in many, many quickly fading moments.

Well... if you liked that clip, you might like seeing what mouse trap pain looks like in very slow motion.

YouTube channel Slow Mo Guys decided, after relatively innocent slo-mo videos of a water balloon popping and paint moving on a speaker, that they would activate a mouse trap on one of their tongues. ?

From the start, half of the Slow Mo Guys, Daniel Gruchy, seems lost and dejected, and from his downtrodden mood, you can tell his tongue will be playing the part of "mouse" in this experiment.

Understandably, it takes Gruchy about a minute and a half to even summon the courage to place his body near the trap.

Gruchy's partner, Gavin Free, then lets us all know that the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body, being that it is made solely of muscle, since it contains no fat or bones to weaken it. I'm sure that fact really mattered to his buddy Daniel.

Since posting their brush with a tongue-less life, the video has gone viral, gaining more than 1.5 million views in a single day. It's at this point the MTV News implores you: ? Do ? Not ? Put ? Your ? Fragile ? Tongue ? Area ? In ? A ? Mouse ? Trap. Even if it is for science. ???

Watch the full video below.