More Drake & Josh Actors Want To Be On Grandfathered

Plus, Josh and Mindy had a sweet moment on Twitter.

Last night's (Feb. 9) episode of Grandfathered was definitely one for the books. Beloved TV brothers Drake Bell and Josh Peck were reunited onscreen after way too damn long. Although the former Drake & Josh stars didn't reprise their iconic roles from the beloved Nickelodeon show, their chemistry on (and off) set was still as strong as ever.

People went bananas for the reunion, with Peck and Bell retweeting several fans's reactions. But that's not all that went down on Twitter. Peck got the ball rolling by asking who the next D&J guest star would be — and he suggested the one and only Yvette Nicole Brown (a.k.a. Josh's boss, Helen).

Unsurprisingly, Brown was totally down for an appearance, but not before Peck's TV girlfriend Allison Scagliotti (Mindy Crenshaw) put in her two cents on the matter.

To which Peck responded in the best way possible — using a classic D&J quote.


And if you still can't get enough Mindy/Josh love, there's more! After Scagliotti told Peck he was "killing it," he tweeted this message to her. ?

But if the "uncredited guest stars in the restaurant" idea doesn't work out, Brown has a backup plan that involves Grandfathered actress Kelly M. Jenrette, who plays Annelise, Jimmy Martino's (John Stamos) assistant on the show.

Even former D&J crew want in on this action, with script manager Jay Demopoulos — who guest-starred on an episode — tweeting out a request, which both leads supported.

FYI, he was this guy, the reporter who asked Drake and Josh why they were answering questions for child star Ashley Blake (Skyler Samuels) at her movie premiere's Q&A.


Let's make more reunions happen, Fox! You already have a short list of celebs who want in on this. And while we're at it, you might as well put in a call to Oprah. Surely she'd be interested, too, right?