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Watch Ed Sheeran Awkwardly Rap Eminem's 'Criminal'

But it's still kinda great.

Covering rap songs is nothing new for Ed Sheeran. When he does, typically, he'll put his own spin on the track: With his acoustic guitar and singing, he gives songs like OT Genasis' "CoCo" or Eminem's "Lose Yourself" a new twist.

But in a recent interview with France's, he left the guitar and singing at home, instead just straight up rapping a quick version of Em's "Criminal." The result is a bit awkward -- he's uncomfortably kicking his foot around as he sits -- but it's a valiant effort, if nothing else. Plus, if you consider the backstory of Ed's connection with Marshall's music -- his dad bought him The Marshall Mathers LP (which contains "Criminal") when he was nine, he learned every word and doing so helped him get rid of his stutter -- this is kind of endearing.

Still, if that collab album with Game ever comes out, let's hope Ed's mostly doing what he does best.