Pretty Little Liars Just Revealed A Shocking Truth About Charlotte

'Pretty Little Liars' is back to its old tricks in 'Do Not Disturb.'

Pretty Little Liars is back to its old tricks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, given the show's success with delivering shocking twists and turns at a breakneck pace. But after six seasons of rashly chosen alibis and thinly veiled lies, it all gets a little tiresome.

That being said, Season 6, Episode 15 ("Do Not Disturb") did give us one of my favorite exchanges in the show's history, starring Byron and Aria. At the end of last week's episode, Aria was pretty convinced her dad killed Charlotte. Not only did he hate Charlotte for what she put her through (a solid motive), but he also seemed to be missing a very important golf club -- as in, the one that was used to kill Charlotte. Of course, there's also the fact that he's always acting shady AF. So imagine my utter horror when Aria comes home, late at night, to see her father sitting there, contemplating life's greatest complexities, in the dark. ALONE.

[Aria turns on light, looks absolutely horrified.]

Byron: "Did I scare you?"

Aria: "You were sitting in the dark."

I have never loved Aria more than I did in this moment. But my favorite part of this entire nonsense scene is the way the writers sweep the entire "Byron is the new A" plot under the rug and toss it aside like it's yesterday's trash. No, Byron isn't A. He's just been hooking up with Ella on the DL. There's no greater mystery. No other theories. Byron is a creep, yes, but he's not a deranged psycho scraping the bottom of the emoji bargain bin. Anyway, here are some of my other favorite moments:

  • Team Sparia gets their Nancy Drew on.

    Spencer and Aria break into Sara's room at The Radley looking for clues that will tie her to the unsettling messages they've been receiving. There, Spencer uncovers two blueprints: one of The Radley, and another of Radley Sanitarium. When she lines them up, she realizes that Sara has been staying in Room 214, which just so happens to be Charlotte's old room. Even more disturbing, a mysterious hole in the wall reveals that Sara has been quite literally digging for clues within the old sanitarium's infrastructure.

    While it's easy to point the finger at Sara given this information, I'm not so convinced. TBH, I think that Sara Harvey got played by Charlotte and now she wants answers for her own peace of mind. Sara doesn't seem consumed with revenge so much as she's concerned with learning all she can about Charlotte. Why else would she go to Ali?

  • Sara Harvey drops some major truth bombs about Charlotte.

    Sara, looking like the most suspicious former criminal accomplice ever in her all-black ensemble, visits Ali at work -- it's still hard to believe that Ali, the most manipulative mean girl in the history of mean girls, is an English teacher Rosewood High School, but I digress -- with an olive branch in hand. She wants to be Ali's friend. However, what she really means is that she wants to essentially team up with Ali to find out more about Charlotte. Since Ali and Charlotte only really got close in the five years since her big A reveal, Sara thought Ali would be interested in knowing who her sister really was. Ali rightfully seems skeptical of Sara's plan. (After the trauma Ali has been through how the hell is Sara going to walk into her classroom wearing a black beanie to ask for her help? That is some serious disrespect.)

  • Hanna and Caleb reconnect while Spaleb heats us.

    Despite their opulent displays of affection, I'm starting to see the obvious cracks in Hanna and Jordan's relationship. Not only did Hanna lie to Jordan to get out plans (again, lies are not the worst offense on this show), but Emily also revealed a telling detail: Hanna hasn't started planning her fairytale nuptials. Now, Hanna obviously has a very demanding job fetching coffee and Asian models for her knock-off, Devil Wears Prada boss, so it makes some sense that she wouldn't have the time to plan everything -- but homegirl hasn't even chosen her bridal part yet. Not to mention, there's still some lingering sparks between her and Caleb.

    Hanna wants to grow up, and she wants to grow up fast. She has no desire to spend a few years figuring things out. She has a three year plan to become Katy Perry's stylist, and she's going to make it happen. But in her rush to grow up, she stumbled into a relationship that maybe she wasn't emotionally ready for. I'm not saying Hanna doesn't love Jordan -- she obviously does -- but she doesn't seem fully committed to him and their life together. And those glances she continues to throw in Caleb's direction? Those don't go unnoticed.

    That being said, when did Spencer and Caleb's romance become the hottest thing on Pretty Little Liars? The way he looks at gives me actual butterflies. I'm still not 100 percent onboard with Spaleb, but damn they're making it hard for me to deny.

    Also, bonus points for Caleb for suggesting they go to the police with A's tacky new threats. Once again, he's the only logical person in Rosewood. Oh, and he also wiped out A 2.0's laptop with a virus, so +1000 points for Caleb.

  • Ali and Emily

    Ali drops in on Emily to tell her about her awkward conversation with Sara Harvey. But Emily didn't have time for idyllic chit chat; she had an appointment to make. Ali wasn't going to let her friend -- or whatever they are at this point -- donate her eggs alone, so she accompanies her to the procedure. It's a nice moment that, frankly, could have used more Emison. Ali is with Emily through the procedure, but since Em's storyline has been regulated to the C-plot this season, there's not a whole lot of time to catch up with these two characters. But at least they did hold hands. That was sweet.

    However, Emily's "hallucination" of Sara Harvey attacking her in her hospital room has me seriously concerned. Was it all just a bad trip, or is Alison, who claimed to have been in Emily’s room the whole time, secretly working with Sara? After all, we don't know how Sara and Ali's conversation in the classroom ended, and let's not forget the time Hanna had an Ali "dream" at the hospital in Season 1. That, as we now know, wasn't a dream at all.