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What Do Kids Really Think Of The New Barbie Bodies?

Children give their opinions on the new Barbie designs.

When Mattel announced they would be offering new petite, tall, and curvy Barbies with different hairstyles and skin tones in addition to the original Barbie, some adults loved the decision, some hated it, and quite a few felt both emotions.

But what do ~*actual children*~ think of these changes?

BuzzFeed asked little girls and boys of all shapes, sizes, and colors to review the new Barbie body types, and it's pretty impressive how much the kids get it.

"I don't really know much about Barbies except that she's blonde," a brown-haired little girl states at the beginning of the video, which really drives home the point that a new, diverse line of Barbie dolls is a lovely way for more kids to feel included.

When one little black girl in the video sees that there's a dark-colored barbie with a more natural hair style, she excitedly picks it up and exclaims, "Whoa, she has, like, the same hair type as me." Aww.

See what the other kids think of the new line of Barbies by watching the video below.