Luke Culhane / YouTube

A 13-Year-Old Proves Cyber Bullying Scars Are Real — Even If You Can't See Them

Let's end cyber bullying once and for all.

Almost 43 percent of young people have been cyber bullied, and 25 percent of those had it happen more than once. That's a ridiculously high number, but thankfully there are people like 13-year-old Luke Culhane from Limerick, Ireland who are helping to end cyber bullying.

On Monday (February 8), Culhane uploaded a powerful video to YouTube that will make you think twice before sending that mean text or tweet. While cyber bullying doesn't leave physical marks like your stereotypical bullying, Culhane's film paints a vivid picture of what it would look like if it did.

He made the video for Safer Internet Day which is actually today (Feb. 9). "I have been cyberbullied myself so that inspired me to make this video to help raise awareness for other people about how to handle cyberbullying," Culhane told I Love Limerick. "I wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be physical bullying to hurt someone so that’s why I showed the likeness between the two types of bullying."

He deftly drove his point home. Check out the full video below.

For more information, check out A Thin Line, MTV's sexting, cyber bullying, digital dating abuse campaign.