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Oh Yeeeah: Pauly D Is Dating This Fellow MTV Star

Find out who the 'Jersey Shore' veteran is romancing.

It's a match made in MTV heaven: Pauly D is dating Aubrey O'Day!

The "Jersey Shore" veteran and the "Making the Band" cast member are a couple, the songstress confirmed to E! Online.

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"We connect in a really interesting way," the dumblonde crooner (featured above with her beau back in December) told the website, before adding that the DJ is "incredibly funny and smart and very talented." Great way to describe the man with the perfect blowout and a love for GTL, if we do say so ourselves...

So how did this connection begin? The sweethearts met while filming a new E! relationship rehab show called "Famously Single" (premiering this spring) and, interestingly, Aubrey didn't have high expectations that she would meet a partner.

"I didn't know that I would be as successful as I was with finding someone," the erstwhile Danity Kane singer revealed. "The show is about all of us coming together, dating, learning through a dating coach how to go out there and approach people that are better suited for us and kind of get over the issues that we were having. And it ended up just becoming like this chemistry happened within the house with a few of the castmates, and Pauly and I were one of them...I feel like people think we're completely different, but [we] ended up being pretty alike in a lot of ways."

Even though they've been going strong for several months, they are not using the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" just yet.

"[Our] label is always ‘enjoying the moment.' That's the label I feel comfortable with," Aubrey stated with a laugh.

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