Aubrey Peeples Faces The Dark Side Of Addiction In This Exclusive Recovery Road Clip

And Maddie comes face to face with her own addiction demons.

Recovery Road is the realest show on television. Usually when a character struggles with addiction, they spiral. They focus on the ugly, gritty side of addiction and gloss over recovery with nothing more than a footnote. This is where Recovery Road differs.

Simply put, the Freeform drama is about recovery -- the ups, downs, and everything in between. Starring Jessica Sula as Maddie Graham, a high school student who goes on regular blackout benders, Recovery Road follows Maddie's journey to recovery at rehab center Springtime Meadows.

In tonight's episode ("Surrender"), Maddie will come face to face with the depths and darkness of addiction when she meets Wes' ex-girlfriends Harper (played by guest star Aubrey Peeples), an addict herself.

When Wes receives a distraught phone call from Harper begging him to help her, he, along with Craig and Maddie, tries to convince Harper to go back to rehab. In the following clip, exclusively on MTV News, Maddie is not prepared for what she witnesses: