The Good Wife Is Ending, But It Can Live Forever If They Take These 10 Spin-off Ideas

Seven seasons of Alicia and crew are not nearly enough. Not when we can give them all new shows.

If you were watching Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, then you know The Good Wife is coming to an end this year. Creators Michelle and Robert King already had plans to depart after this in-progress seventh season, leaving the show in someone else’s less-worthy hands next year if CBS decided to continue on, but the network mercifully made the end official with a promo during the big game. So we’ll be saying good-bye to Alicia Florrick this spring, but it doesn’t exactly mean we’re done with every character. In a conference call today, the Kings shared that they are open to the idea of a spin-off. Michelle King said, “Nothing is off the table. Nothing is formal, but we are not saying no to anything.” And her husband Robert said, “What would be appealing is if we could find a way to spin off an ensemble. We wished we had more time to explore other lives [besides only Alicia’s].”

OK, Kings. You want spin-off ideas? Here are 10. Call me.

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