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Ab-Soul Hints That His New Music Is Ready -- He Just Can't Release It

He's ready to get off the bench, he says.

If it feels like we've been here before, that's because we have.

While not expressing the same explicit frustration with his label that he has in the past, Ab-Soul again on Monday assured fans that he has music ready to be released -- it just seems like he's waiting on the word from Top Dawg Ent. that he can let it go.

This projection of an uphill battle to release new music isn't a particularly new phenomenon for Soulo, who voiced frustrations two years ago, ahead of the release of These Days....

That 2014 project was the last album we got from Soul, and though we haven't heard much new solo stuff since, he did drop "47 Bars" in February of last year -- and tweeted out a link to the song again this morning, shortly before posting the tweets above. That decision feels particularly notable given the circumstances under which he first released it last year: saying he had gone rogue in doing so, and there could be consequences.

So...yup. I'm ready for Soulo's number to get called, too -- and Longterm 3 or whatever other release might come with it.

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