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Gigi Hadid Is Totally Naked On Her Latest Vogue Cover

Gigi continues her world domination.

In her Vogue UK cover story, Gigi Hadid told body shamers, "I'm not going anywhere." Thankfully, that is proving to be entirely true, with appearances in music videos, on runways, and, most recently, the cover of Vogue Paris. Oh, excuse me, I mean TWO covers for Vogue Paris.

The first features Gigi in an embellished Chanel jacket and necklaces on necklaces. Can we talk about that perfect hair flip? Actually, no, we can't. I'm too jealous.

The second cover also features Gigi in Chanel, though as she explained in the caption, it's "mostly Chanel N°5 ;) lol." Damn, Gigi. WERK. If possible, the hair flip is even better on this cover. Once again, I'm not ready to talk about it.

You can peep more at Vogue Paris and see Gigi on newsstands starting February 18.