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This Boyfriend Wins The Award For Most Unromantic Romantic Gesture Ever

'Passion' is this boyfriend's middle name. His last name, however, is 'Jerk.'

Flowers, chocolates, fine leather goods... these objects of affection prove love is a many-splendored thing -- especially when that love buys you gifts.

According to Reddit user tummy_grumblinz, her boyfriend had cookies delivered to her by Texas cookie delivery service Tiff's Treats while she was studying. Cute, right?

Unfortunately, her boyfriend is also a grade-A smart-ass and included this heartfelt (?) message with the delivery:

(Smooth move, Ex-Lax.) ??

Since posting her bae's oh-so-romantic interlude, it's gone crazy viral, garnering 2.7 million views in less than a day.

And, since we know you're wondering: She cried. "This is our sense of humor," she said on Reddit. "This note/delivery was both hilarious and sweet and just what I needed on a stressful day like today." ?