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Super Bowl MVP Von Miller Knows More Lil Wayne Lyrics Than You

And rapped them with Weezy onstage Sunday night.

If you win the Super Bowl MVP, you can probably do just about anything for the rest of the night. Go straight to bed? Sure. Hang with your family? Yup. Eat an incredibly unhealthy meal that you stayed away from all season? Certainly. Hop a flight to the Maldives and unplug for a few weeks? Totally justified.

Or, if you're Von Miller, who won the award for his performance in Sunday night's Denver Broncos win over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, you play hypeman to Lil Wayne.

The Broncos' linebacker kicked it alongside the rap star during a post-game party performance at Grand Nightclub and proved that his talents on the field may only be eclipsed by his ability to rap word-for-word with Weezy.

Miller also snapped a pic with Tunechi and Mack Maine at the club.

Earlier in the night, Wayne starred in an ad for alongside -- who else? -- George Washington and Jeff Goldblum.

Busy day for these guys.