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Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Performance Outfit Was More Patriotic Than You Realized

Red, white, and blue EVERYTHING.

Besides the Fourth of July, there aren't many events that encourage dressing in red, white, and blue. Performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, obviously, is an exception, and Lady Gaga embraced it wholeheartedly last night.

From her outfit, to her shoes, to her eye shadow, Gaga went all out — here's a closer look since, y'know, you may've been distracted by her insane performance.

Gaga wore a sparkly two-piece suit from Gucci — custom, duh — which Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele described as "red, pure energy for an energetic woman performing on an energizing event." Mission accomplished. Of course, the rest of her look didn't hurt either.

Her shoes — also custom Gucci, duh — were one part sparkly blue, one part striped red and white.

Gaga didn't miss the opportunity to coordinate her makeup, with sparkly red eye shadow — um, not an easy look to pull off, by the way — and bright blue nails. Her platinum hair is close enough to white, as far as I'm concerned.

Future National Anthem singers, take note — this is how you do it.