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Kanye West Isn't Done Trolling Us About His Album Title

And we're just days away from the release of [Insert Album Title].

Kanye West has become endlessly indecisive when it comes to this whole album title thing. We're three days away from the release, and he still seems to not have made up his mind.

After rotating, in recent weeks, between SWISH, Waves, and So Help Me God (and plenty more if you go further back), 'Ye dropped a bomb on Monday morning: THERE MIGHT BE A NEW, TOTALLY DIFFERENT, TOTALLY SECRET, TOTALLY AWESOME ALBUM TITLE.

What's that you say? You're wondering why he keeps doing this? And just want to hear the album, instead of hear about the album titles?

Yeah, same.

But, hey, maybe we should just chalk this up to all being part of his creative process. If the end result is a great album, I'll take it.