Louis C.K. Explains Why He Released Surprise Series Horace & Pete

He finally explains the story behind his stellar new show -- and teases more episodes to come.

Last weekend, Louis C.K. became the Beyonce of the comedy world by surprise-releasing an entirely new show on his website called Horace and Pete.

Like his FX series Louie, C.K. created, wrote, and directed the show, and stars as Horace, who runs a 100-year-old Brooklyn bar with his brother Pete (Steve Buscemi). The first, 67-minute episode dives into the family’s dark history, while introducing us to a colorful cast of patrons and fellow family members, including bigoted barkeep Uncle Pete (Alan Alda). Rounding out the terrific cast are Jessica Lange, Edie Falco, comedian Steven Wright, and guest stars Aidy Bryant, Rebecca Hall and Nick DiPaolo. Oh, and Paul Simon sings the theme song.

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