Sherene Zarrabi / Instagram

Her Boss Body-Shamed Her -- So She Quit With One Badass Message

'THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues.'

Sherene Zarrabi is so not here for your bullshit. On Monday (Feb. 1), The Oklahoma State University student called out her employer, clothing store Dainty Hooligan, for removing photos of her from their Instagram account on the grounds that her body wasn't "model material." Yeesh.

Jessica Issler, the store's founder, sent an email to Zarrabi's manager reading, "I want size small, the stereotypical 'model' type to model our clothes. ... I ask you to take down all pictures of anyone who doesn't fit the criteria."

When Zarrabi saw this, she quit her job and posted a screenshot of the email on Facebook along with a powerful message: "I am fully comfortable with who I am and the way I look… I do not want to respresent [sic] or support a business that has such archaic values and beliefs. THIS is the reason young girls have body image issues."

Zarrabi's note immediately gained attention, and the response was overwhelming positive.

"I overheard my 9 year old sister saying earlier that every person is beautiful, no matter what size they are," Zarrabi wrote the next day in an update. "It's sad when a child has a bigger heart than a middle-aged woman. As I said in my previous post, love yourself! If anybody tries to bring you down, it's because they are dissatisfied with themselves."

She also wrote that following the media coverage, Issler reached out to her with an apology email. This is one big reminder that body-shaming is never a good look for anyone.

H/T Elite Daily