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Here’s What The Boy From Shiloh Looks Like Today

The film first premiered 20 years ago this November at the Heartland Film Festival.

The 1996 film Shiloh will always be special to me. I met my BFF Flash — a tricolor beagle like Shiloh — the same year and could completely relate to the strong bond Marty Preston and Shiloh had.

With that being said, I was curious what now 34-year-old actor Blake Heron was up to 20 years later. He originated the role of Marty, with Zachary Browne playing him in Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season and Jason Dolley in Saving Shiloh. Heron is still acting and looks completely different without those longer locks.

After Shiloh, Heron had a recurring roles on both Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher and Good vs Evil. In 2000, he was the lead in the Western Wind River, which he makes fun of on his Instagram.

He was in the Mel Gibson war film We Were Soldiers in 2002 and the romantic drama Dandelion two years later. In 2014, he played a mugger in Benjamin Troubles, starring Star Trek: Voyager actor Manu Intiraymi.

More recently, Heron guest-starred on an episode of Criminal Minds, where he played a rapist and murderer. In fact, he's played several bad guys and thugs since his Shiloh days. His role in the 2015 horror film No Solicitors is simply credited as "Rapist," while he played "Thug" in the TV movie Escape from Polygamy. Plus, he was a "cocaine trafficking, murderous piece of shit" on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans. (His description, not mine.)

  • On Instagram, he shares behind-the-scene pics from his projects.

    Besides an actor, Heron is also a camera operator.

  • He's a big goofball.

    Apparently, Heron almost gave up acting altogether, but thankfully he didn't quit. "The face of a man who's EXTREMELY happy he didn't give up on a lifelong dream even though he thought about it many times in the past few years," he wrote on Instagram.

  • He's dating makeup stylist Chanel Panagiotopoulos.
  • And they're a super cute couple.
  • But perhaps one of the best things about his Instagram is all the #TBT pics.

    "#tbt to quite possibly the gayest picture ever taken of me," joked Heron.

  • Seriously, they're hysterical.

    "#tbt to bad haircuts and soda adds." Honestly, same.

  • And they perfectly sum up the awkwardness that was the '90s.

    "Oh, you know...just a couple of twelve year olds drinking beer in their underwear. Totally normal behavior. #tbt," Heron said of himself and the late, great Brad Renfro.

  • But none of the #TBTs compete with any Shiloh snaps.
  • Because Shiloh is a '90s classic.

I guess some things never change. ?

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