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An Intern Fell Asleep On His Second Day Of Work -- So His Bosses Did Something Epic

And then the entire internet joined in, too.

When you start working as an intern at a new company, you definitely want to impress your bosses with your charm, your intelligence, and most of all, your go-getter attitude. What you don't want to do is this:

In a since-deleted post on Reddit, user TheOrangeDuke posted the above image his bosses took of him falling asleep on the second day of his tech startup internship.

The intern found the image hilarious and decided to post it online where it immediately went viral. It also became a popular meme on subreddit PhotoshopBattles, where folks across the internet put the "sleeping intern" (as he will henceforth be named) in an array of comedic situations.

Oddly enough, they're all a little less embarrassing than the actual image. Here's to the intern finding out the joys of coffee in the workplace from this day forward. ☕️

Check out the best 13 photoshops of the "sleeping intern" below.

  1. This one's a little creepy.

  2. Okay, this one's creepier.

  3. A little "Weekend at Bernie's" action.

  4. Honestly, they really all should have made that face.

Check out more "sleeping intern" memes (some NSFW) on Imgur and Reddit.

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