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A School Made A Touching Tribute To A Classmate Who Lost Her Battle With Cancer

What Laura Hillier's schoolmates did to say goodbye is really sweet.

Thanks to the coming together of her community, a teenager's coffin became the yearbook she never had.

On January 20, 18-year-old Burlington, Canada resident Laura Hillier passed away after battling acute myeloid leukemia for the past few years.

The devastating loss comes a few months after Hillier had discovered doctors found a donor match for stem cell treatment in July. Unfortunately, a hospital bed shortage meant Hillier had to wait to have the procedure done.

According to Mashable, in August 2015, Hillier was able to undergo surgery, but her cancer returned late last year. After a stay in intensive care, she was able to go home New Year's Day, but later that same month her health took a turn, and she lost her battle.

Imgur user and classmate of Hillier's unbrella posted an image of Hillier's coffin adorned with messages from classmates, saying, "A girl from my highschool died this year, this was what her parents did for her coffin, since she never got a senior yearbook."

Hillier's family has asked donations in memory of Laura to be made to Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation, remarking that Hillier "was determined to bring public attention to the problem of deadly wait times for stem cell transplants in Ontario and across Canada."

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