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Drake Will Put His True Ping Pong Greatness To The Test Against A Hall Of Famer

The match is set for later this month.

Behind music, Drake's most beloved passion is playing ping pong.

Fine -- I don't know this for sure. But the dude is definitely dedicated to the game: Of all the birthday gifts he got back in October, he decided to share just two -- one of which was a gold ping pong paddle, with the Six God logo -- on Instagram; he requested a ping pong table be brought in to the studio when recording What A Time To Be Alive; and when he takes breaks from the booth, it's to play ping pong.

So it's no surprise he's up for a challenge. This one, from basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller.

The battle will go down the weekend of Feb. 12, when the NBA ascends on Aubrey's hometown of Toronto for All-Star festivities. Drake will also be coaching the celebrity game. And hopefully dropping some new music.

No word on if the match will be televised -- but Miller works for TNT these days, so let's make this happen. All we've ever seen is Drake's own, self-edited highlight reels, via Instagram. It's time to see these skills put to the test for a full game.