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Charli XCX Is A Speed-Racing Puppet In Mr Oizo’s ‘Hand In The Fire’ Vid

'Vroom vroom.'

Charli XCX recently teased her upcoming third album as a groundbreaking project that could “change the sound of pop music.” But before she releases any new material of her own, she’s whetting our appetites with a killer feature on a track from Quentin Dupieux, aka Mr Oizo.

The French electronic producer recruited Charli for “Hand in the Fire,” the title track from his EP released in December. In the new vid, Charli becomes a yellow puppet who speeds along a coastline freeway and engages in a little drive-by flirting with Flat Eric, the puppet that’s appeared in many of Mr Oizo’s other music vids. As Charli’s fiery vocals boom over Oizo’s digi beats, the vid turns into a convoluted chase scene that gives new meaning to the phrase “wig-snatching.”

Between this vid and Charli's most recently released solo song, "Vroom Vroom," can we assume she's going for an engine-revving, drag racing-inspired theme on album no. 3? We'll find out soon enough (hopefully). Meanwhile, good luck trying to get "Hand in the Fire's" Biggie-inspired hook out of your head for the rest of the day... “If you don’t know, now you know.”