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Kendrick Lamar Learned A Valuable Lesson From His Meeting With President Obama

In a new interview, he also talks about his hopes for Grammy night.

We know that President Barack Obama's favorite song of 2015 was Kendrick Lamar's "How Much a Dollar Cost?," we know he'd choose K. Dot over Drake, and we know a bit about what he and Dot discussed during their recent meeting at the White House.

But what did Kendrick learn from the rare opportunity? Perspective.

“The way people look at me these days -- that’s the same way I looked at President Obama before I met him," the rapper told Billboard in a new cover story, where he also touches upon his Grammy nominations and his past and future albums. "We tend to forget that people who’ve attained a certain position are human. When [the president] said to my face what his favorite record was -- I understood that, no matter how high-ranking you get in this world, you’re human.

"No matter how high the pedestal you reach, we all still like a beat. Even the president has got to hear that snare drum.”

Kendrick Lamar - Pay It Forward from Top Dawg Entertainment on Vimeo.