Nehaal Gonsalves / Facebook

This Photo Of Emma Watson Isn't A Photo At All -- It's A Painting

The starlet gets painted into existence by artist Nehaal Gonsalves.

Emma Watson is arguably intrigue personified: Her iconic turn as the smartest pupil in wizarding school led the actress to more fabulous movie roles, awe-inspiring activism, and delightfully enough, a book club.

So it makes perfect sense that an artist with the skill of a Renaissance master would want to capture her image in a stunning work of art.

Artist Nehaal Gonsalves painted a hyperrealistic portrait of Emma Watson, and it's pretty shocking how much it looks like a photograph. Painted over the course of two months, Gonsalves painted his stunning masterpiece digitally.

"The last time I did a painting of her I felt like too much attention was being drawn to the clothing rather than the person," Gonsalves states in a Facebook caption. "So I made an attempt to make this as real as possible, because after all she is perfection."

Totally agreed. ?

Watch the full video of his process painting the piece below.

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