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If Unicorns Ran A Brooklyn Bakery, This Is How All Bagels Would Be Made

Watch the beautifully fun way 'rainbow bagels' get made.

We're all familiar with bread, yes? It's okay, I guess. But, it's made ~so much better~ when ingredients are added to it, creating a tastier, more unique lump of baked dough.

One bakery in Brooklyn is getting a lot of attention for its version of the beautifully unique bread-creature known as the bagel, and it kinda looks like it came out of an episode of "My Little Pony."

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY, has become an internet sensation for its "rainbow bagel." Made in small batches -- since the process is super complex -- the bagel allegedly tastes like Froot Loops, and is typically served with funfetti cream cheese.

Though they've recently soared in popularity, the bagels have actually been around since 1998, when creator Scot Rossillo first thought of the then-unsellable idea of a bagel straight out of Wonderland.

"20 years of experiments, 20 years of failures — I wouldn’t say failures, it brought me to here," Scot Rossillo told NYU Local. Now Rossillo can count Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, and Kim Kardashian's crew as clients. "I always keep on keeping on even though many times people would come to me -- 'You’ll never be able to sell those f--king bagels!'" ?

Watch a video about how they're made from YouTube channel Insider below.

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