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Four Badass Girls Won Their Yearbook With This Powerful Quote

'We are not related.'

Nguyen is the most common Vietnamese last name. Forty percent of the country's residents carry this surname, and before you ask, no, they're not related. In a powerful four-part yearbook quote, these girls made sure everyone in their school knew this.

This isn't the first time Nguyens stood up for themselves in a yearbook. Several years ago, eight women sharing the Nguyen surname selected a similar yearbook quote.

So why is Nguyen such a common last name in Vietnam? Over the course of the country's history, several rulers required Vietnam residents to change their name to Nguyen. When power shifted from one ruler to the next, people also changed their name to avoid persecution. The Nguyen Dynasty, which lasted for 143 years, gave out the surname as a reward. So it makes perfect sense that Nguyen is such a common last name today! Now you know.

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