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Amber Rose Hung With Wiz Khalifa At His Listening Party -- And Even Gave Him A Kiss

Khalifa drops this week.

You know what they say: Parents who party together, co-parent together.

Case in point: Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, who not only are raising their son together, as a team, despite the fact that they aren't married anymore, but also enjoyed a night on the town together on Wednesday, as Wiz's Khalifa listening session.

Amber was supporting Sebastian's dad (that's Wiz, by the way), and probably Bash, too, since, according to an interview Wiz gave to Hot 97 this week, the young'n is actually on the album.

Sebastian's mom also plopped a nice wet one on Mister Cap's cheek at another point in the night.

They've made it clear time and again that -- married or not -- they still love each other, and they showed that love again last night.

Cheers to these two.

Wiz's new album, Khalifa, drops tomorrow.