Place Your 'Teen Wolf' Bêtes: Who Is Hiding Behind The Beast?

The sneaker might just fit someone we know.

Now that we know La Bête du Gévaudan is someone we know on "Teen Wolf," we're racking our brains to figure it out. Let's discuss, shall we?

There's no way it's Liam, Hayden, Deaton, Malia, Braeden, Theo, Tracy or even the Desert Wolf — each of these folks have found themselves running from The Beast at some time or another. It's probably not Lydia, because she rarely wears shoes these days. It can't be Kira, seeing as she was battling demons of her own in the desert when The Beast reared its giant head. Old man Gerard or Chris Argent? It's possible, but we don't really see it, what with the Argents' history with La Bête. That leaves us with:

  • Sheriff Stilinski

    The Dread Doctors essentially resurrected The Beast while the Sheriff was lying comatose in a hospital bed. But if we know anything about comas, it's that they don't mean a hell of a lot. You can still find yourself wandering around dark hospital corridors in your bare feet. *cough* Lydia

  • Melissa McCall

    While she almost encountered The Beast in Tuesday night's episode, Scott's mom was pretty quick to go all feminist on us (reason no. 128 why we love her) when discussing La Bête's gender. Mama McCall pointed out to Liam that The Beast might not be a "he," after all. Interesting... does the nurse know something we don't?

  • Scott

    Could it be...? The Alpha definitely isn't himself these days — primarily due to the fact that he's not healing from his cat fight wolf fight with Liam. But hey, he does wear sneakers!

  • Stiles

    It's feasible. Stiles is no stranger to taking on evil forms — remember the Nogitsune? (Oh, how we'd like to forget.) The sneaker also fits on this one.

  • Derek

    DEREK. Whoa. Dude. Could this be a winner? Our favorite blue-eyed "Teen Wolf" has been oddly absent from every single Season 5 episode. Last we saw, the former Alpha "evolved" into a black werewolf. And the sneakers. It all makes sense... or does it? The suspense is driving us Eichen House mad!

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