Daniel Dudman

This Terrifying Video Shows What Getting Struck By Lightning Looks Like

'There was a charge through the air.'

Boaters Daniel Dudman and Nick Panayiotou are feeling lucky to be alive after they were nearly struck by a bolt of lightning at Oyster Bay in Sydney, Australia this weekend. The duo were planning on taking their boat out when a storm hit, so they decided to film the ominous clouds overhead instead.

They ended up capturing the exact moment lightning struck right next to them. Fortunately neither of them suffered burns, though the noise was deafening -- "It hurts to hear it," Panayiotou told 7 News in an interview on Monday (Feb. 1).

"We didn't get a direct hit, otherwise we probably wouldn't be here talking with you," he explained. "There was a lot of static. There was a charge through the air, and that's what we felt. That I reckon is the scariest thing, that we were meters away from it and yet we felt it from where we were, and it's unbelievable how lucky we are."

Watch the horrifying video below. FYI, there are some curse words in there. (Honestly, it'd be impossible not to let a few F-bombs fly at a moment like this.)

H/T Elite Daily