It’s Time To Relive Nas’ Stunning Year Of Guest Verses

His 'March Madness' remix was just the latest in line.

In the midst of Saturday’s release of the latest chapters in hip-hop’s ongoing biggest feud — Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” and Meek Mill’s “War Pain” — an unexpected remix by another rap great was quickly upstaged.

At least, it was for me.

I wasn’t tuned in during to the OVO Sound Radio episode over the weekend, so I only saw that Nas had remixed Future’s “March Madness” — a track which premiered on the show — later in the night. I pressed play and rewind a few times, instantly impressed with Esco’s comfort on the track, dismantling a beat with characteristics that we’re not all that used to hearing him rhyme over.

But before long, I was back to “Summer Sixteen” and “War Pain,” listening closely to the back-and-forth, and engaging in my own back-and-forth with friends about what the latest development meant for each rapper, the battle, the year — all of it.

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