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Your Friend Was Sexually Assaulted -- Here's What To Say

Laci Green offers her advice in the latest episode of "Braless."

Every 107 seconds, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. That adds up to approximately 293,000 victims each year. Statistics like these are a sobering reminder that someone you know and love may experience sexual violence in their lifetime. So what do you do if a survivor shares their story with you?

"Firstly, believe them and make sure that they know you do," Laci Green says in the new episode of her "Braless" web series, which tackles the complicated world of gender, equality and feminism. "It's really hard to come forward about sexual violence and many survivors are not believed. This makes people feel more shame and it keeps sexual violence invisible in our communities."

Being patient and nonjudgmental are key, Green explains as the video goes on. If someone talks to you about their sexual assault, showing your support for them -- no matter how long it takes them to process and recover -- is the most helpful thing you can do as a friend or family member. Make sure to take care of your mental health as well by talking to a therapist or confidential counseling phone line when you need to. For more information, be sure to watch the full episode.