This Guy Shared A Magical Plane Ride With Usher: Was It This Week's 'Greatest Party Story Ever'?

All together now: 'Yeah!'

Behold, it's time for a brand-new batch of epic "confessions" -- and yes, one does feature the one and only Usher.

During tonight's brand-new "Greatest Party Story Ever," one guy reflected on his chance encounter with the Grammy winner, another dude recounted how he got kicked out of his prom (hint: it involved some stripper-esque moves) and a gal revealed that she charged an MLB field (during the ninth inning of the game) and made a beeline for her favorite player. Nope, we can't make up this type of stuff even if we tried...

But which tale was the best of the best? Take a look at our brief descriptions of the six stories from this installment, share your faves in the comments and be sure to keep watching "Greatest Party Story Ever" every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c!

  • What Happens in Mexico

    Seems easy enough to make a music video overseas in Cozumel -- but unfortunately for hip-hop duo Taylor and Bella, the experience led to Taylor being arrested TWICE.

  • I Slept with Usher

    Going to an NBA finals game is thrilling enough, but sitting next to the iconic R&B star on the flight to the big match -- and having him REST on your shoulder -- is enough to make you want to "scream."

  • Worst Stripper Ever

    Sometimes, ideas may seem like good ones, but then when they actually come to fruition, it wasn't exactly the best thought. Case in point: Our narrator and his friends opting to hire a scantily clad lady to show off her moves at a house party and saying that they were cool with the "MILF" option. Turns out, the entertainer turned out to be wayyyyy older than they anticipated...

  • Turnt Up Prom

    Our main man -- clad in a light-up suit with TWO ladies as his dates -- was kicked out of the high school dance. Why? For grooving too much like Channing Tatum's infamous character Magic Mike...

  • Tomi Tutu

    Take me out to the ballgame, indeed. The bubbly narrator decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at a San Francisco Giants game -- and had a biiiiiit too much to drink while cheering for her home team and crush, shortstop Brandon Crawford. So, what did she do to make the sporting event one to remember? Oh, just jumped OVER the outfield wall and onto the field (in a tutu) -- and charged toward the handsome athlete. Too bad for our heroine girl, she was nabbed by security before making her way to the infielder.

  • Amateur Night

    A message to the masses: While intoxicated, do not question an amateur tattoo artist about being legit -- because you might end up with some surprise permanent ink. Specifically, a portrait of the one and only "Seinfeld" character George Costanza etched on your arm.