Which 'Bloodlines' Finalists Will Become The Next 'Challenge' Champs?

Three teams have taken very different paths to the final event, but only one can come out on top.

The latest “Challenge” season has been reduced to three two-cousin teams, but which will prove to be the superior bloodline?

On tonight’s episode, Aneesa and Rianna couldn’t find their footing in Germany and conceded to Cara Maria and Jamie in the final Pit. It was, sadly, a familiar spot for Aneesa, who’s been the last woman ousted from a game a handful of times before.

On the other hand, her elimination signaled some positive momentum for Cara and Jamie, who have won three elimination rounds in a row. Cara, the only remaining cast member who’s competed on more than one previous “Challenge” (she’s done eight), certainly has the experience to come out on top, but there’s a reason she’s still winless. And if she and Jamie intend to go for gold, they’ve got to curb their bickering during games.

Still, Cara’s ready.

“Throughout these challenges, I’ve learned a lot about myself,” she said. “I’ve always had the strength, but I’ve never had the confidence. If there’s any time for me to win a Challenge, it’s now. So bring it.”

Jenna, conversely, didn’t seem like a threat at the get-go, and she and cousin Brianna were nearly laughed out of this season’s first mission, “Water Battle.” Still, the cousins have since been on a tear. Their collective Achilles’, though? Having to chew and swallow gross stuff: It was Jenna’s undoing on the “Battle of the Exes II” finale and left Brianna paralyzed during this season’s “Family Dinner” game.

Still, as Jenna pointed out, she and Bri have bested their fellow competitors before, and they can do it again.

“The fact that I’ve been in only two Challenges and I’ve made it to the final both times, I think that I played an awesome game,” she said. “We’ve beat these two teams in other challenges, so why not the final?”

Finally, the game’s purely rookie team, Cory and Mitch, demonstrated across “Weight For Me” that they’ve got the resolve and tenacity to come through in the clutch. But Cory’s injured leg could prove to be an issue in the final’s lengthy battle, and there will be no rest for the wicked in what will likely be a multi-day slog.

That being said, Cory’s ready to take the plunge.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous,” he said. “I know this is gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m ready for it.”

Who do you think will walk away from the final mission with the gold medal? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see how everything shakes down next Wednesday at 10/9c!