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20 Years After It All Started, Vin Diesel Confirms Final 'Fast & Furious' Film Set For 2021

The actor just confirmed the franchise's final three rides.

Vin Diesel's social media presence is a cornucopia of wondrous things. Whether he's hosting an 18-minute Facebook live stream just to say hello or dropping movie intel like bombs on Insta, Vin knows how to ~ engage ~ with his fans. One could say that he, too, lives his life a quarter mile at a time, racing from one excitedly hurried announcement to the next.

Case in point: the actor's latest reveal. In honor of #TorettoTuesday last night, Diesel took to social media to confirm that final "Fast & Furious" trilogy you probably heard about.

"The studio has asked me to release some very big Fast news," Diesel wrote on Insta, captioning the release dates of the final (!) three "Fast" films. "As most of you know I like to stay in character, [Xander], for the most part when given the opportunity to make magic. However, it was Toretto Tuesday and the studio gave me big news to share... So I will share it."

And share it he did. We already knew that "Fast 8" -- which is being helmed by "Straight Outta Compton" director F. Gary Gray -- would race into theaters (and through New York City) in April 2017, but it's bittersweet to know that the beloved action franchise is officially cruising toward a finish line, with the ninth and tenth films in the "Fast & Furious" saga set for release in April 2019 and April 2021, respectively.

Yes, that means that "The Fast And The Furious"'s final ride will take place nearly 20 years after the original film introduced us to street racer Dom Toretto and his ragtag family. TWENTY YEARS. Just let that sink in for a bit.

Of course, it's entirely likely that the 2021 film won't be the franchise's swan song. This past November there were rumors that Universal and Diesel were looking to expand the "Fast & Furious" cinematic universe with a series of prequels and standalone films. So that Agent Hobbs/"Daddy's Got To Go To Work" movie you've been dreaming about? It could actually happen.

In other words, long live the 1327.

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