A's Wack Emoji Obsession On 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Got To Go

'PLL' has finally gone too far.

"Pretty Little Liars" promised a killer new villain in Season 6B, but so far, the new A hasn't delivered the same level of menace as Charlotte DiLaurentis. Sorry, A. If your scare tactics consist of wack emojis and a silicone old man mask, then you need really to work on your gAme.

OK, so maybe the old dude mask is a tad... unhinged. At least this A definitely doesn't lurk in the shadows anymore.

But I digress. Simply put, last night's stellar episode of "Pretty Little Liars" proved one thing: A's exaggerated use of wack, off-brand emojis is NOT OKAY. Nor is it very threatening. Frankly, you're ruining your image, A. When every other work is either a red devil emoji or a police pig emoji, then what is really the point?

Is A trying to prove that he/she is ~ cool ~ and can hang with a bunch of twentysomethings? Because A is doing a terrible job at convincing me that he/she is one of the Liars' peers.

Honestly, these emojis blow my Melissa theory to shreds. There's no way she would send those trashy emoji texts. She's a Hastings, dammit. She doesn't shop in the Internet's bargain emojis bin.

However, this new emoji fascination does seem to hint that Uber A is possibly older than I originally suspected. Even Wren wouldn't use that many B-rate emojis. Mr. DiLaurentis, however, probably would, especially if he's trying to convince the girls that he can be hip. That, and parents often overuse emojis. It's just a fact of life. After all, what's more menacing than a devil emoji? I wouldn't put it past crazypants Sara Harvey either. (Don't pretend that you actually believe her when she says she can't use her hands.)


Listen, I get that "Pretty Little Liars" wants to catch up with the times. Emojis can be fun and effective (if used correctly). But if they were really into being authentic, they would let A join Snapchat. Because if A wants to maintain his/her threatening presence in the girls' lives, he/she can't just rely on texts and hidden molar messages anymore. A has to up its social media game.

Or at least update your iOS, dude.