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A ‘Cruel Intentions’ Sequel Series Is Officially In The Works

The show is set to focus on Sebastian and Annette's teenage son.

This year’s TV pilot season is about to get a lot crueler, thanks to a new reboot of the 1999 drama “Cruel Intentions.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new show based on the cult flick has been picked up to pilot at NBC. The series will reportedly be set in present day and revolve around the teenage son of Sebastian and Annette, played in the film by Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon.

According to a plot synopsis via THR, the series “follows the beautiful and cunning Kathryn Merteuil (originally played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) as she vies for control of Valmont International as well as the soul of Bash Casey, the son of her brother, the late Sebastian Valmont, and Annette Hargrove. Upon discovering his late father’s legacy in a hidden journal, Bash is introduced to a world of sex, money, power and corruption he never could have imagined.”

Soooo, it sounds like Kathryn’s just as wickedly cunning and malicious as she was in the original film, even 15 years later. No word yet on whether or not she still keeps a diary or wears that cross-shaped vessel -- uh, I mean necklace -- around her neck.

The film’s writer-director Roger Kumble will be on hand to direct the NBC series. He’ll also co-write the script alongside Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross, the duo that created the “Unauthorized Musical Parody Of Cruel Intentions,” a.k.a. the event that reunited Witherspoon, Gellar and co-star Selma Blair last year.

While we await more details about the NBC series -- like which young fella will nab the coveted lead role -- let’s just bask in the sonic perfection of “Bittersweet Symphony,” shall we?