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'The Flash': Wally And Iris Are On The Verge Of An 'Emotional Break'

Wally's need for speed puts Iris in danger on 'The Flash.'

Central City transplant Wally West lives his life a quarter mile at a time, much to his sister Iris' disapproval. To be fair, Wally didn't even know he had a sister until a month ago, so maybe the kid deserves a bit of a break.

In tonight's episode of "The Flash," Iris quickly learns that Wally is deeply involved in street racing, and she's none too impressed with his need for speed. "He's a speed demon," Candice Patton told MTV News. "He likes to go fast, and that worries Iris tremendously."

So, Iris takes on a parental role in aggressively asking him to not participate in it -- and that doesn't go over too well with Wally.

"At this point, they're really butting heads because Iris thinks Wally is putting himself at risk," Keiynan Lonsdale, a self-described adrenaline junkie himself, told MTV News. "She's got a connection with him, and she's accepted him as her brother, so she wants to protect him. But he doesn't need it. He's never had a sister before. He doesn't need someone bossing him around. That's not what he wants, especially at this point because everyone is still a stranger to him."

Ultimately, Wally's high-octane arrogance and Iris' helicopter parenting turns out to be a dangerous combination.

"It kind of causes him to rebel even more," Lonsdale said. "When someone tells you not to do something, it makes you want to go and do it because you're trying to prove a point."

"They are blood related but they really don't have a relationship with each other," Patton added. "Everyone is still coming to terms with this new bombshell and it's not easy for anyone. And Joe wants to be more of a friend. He doesn't want to lose Wally, so he's really hesitant to ask him to stop. So there's a lot of friction. It takes a while for the West family to adjust to this new person, and Wally is a little hesitant and unsure of how to fit in."

Of course, Wally's stubbornness is a West family trait. "They're both figuring out that they're both very strong-headed, which is interesting to watch," Lonsdale said.

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Interesting and potentially life-threatening. When Wally refuses to stop racing at his sister's request, Iris takes matters into her own hands, which lands her in some deep trouble.

Sure, we know Iris is more than capable of taking care of herself (with the occasional help from The Flash), but what about Wally? He may put on a brave front, but he's still just a kid who's way too in over his head. And unknowingly putting Iris in danger may just be the catalyst he needs to accept his new family.

"It's going to be a tough thing for him to go through," Lonsdale said. "We've all had those situations where we know we're doing something wrong, something that gets somebody else in trouble, and we feel awful. So I think that will definitely have an affect on Wally, and hopefully it brings them closer."

As for the inevitable heart-wrenching, aww-inducing scene between Joe and Wally we're all waiting for? Don't worry; it's coming.

"At the moment, everything is still a bit numb," Lonsdale said. "His mom just passed away, and he's not dropping his guard. So at some point, he has to break."

However, don't expect his breakthrough with Barry to come so swiftly. There's still going to be a lot of tension. The two speedsters still have a long way to go to reach their dynamic destiny as The Flash and Kid Flash.

"Wally sees Barry as this guy who got all of this love from Joe and Iris that he didn't receive, and Wally doesn't understand why they praise Barry so much," Lonsdale said. "He doesn't know Barry. He doesn't know that he's saving people every day of his life. So he doesn't really trust him."

When it comes to harnessing Wally's own speedster abilities, Lonsdale can't wait to be part of Team Flash. Though, he knows that it's Team West that is truly important -- at least, for now.