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Wait — Is Ariana Grande About To Drop A Clothing Collection?

Signs point to yes.

Ariana Grande has been hard at work on her new album, but it seems like she may also have been secretly working on something else — a clothing collaboration.

You see, it all started when British brand Lipsy started teasing its "new international celebrity collection" on Instagram. Fans quickly noticed that the two hands flanking a floral dress looked suspiciously like Ariana's. Because you can't trust everything you read on the internet — according to some people — I decided to do some detective work.

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Yep, between the ring, the nails, and that very telling heart tattoo, those are definitely Ariana's hands in the Lipsy photo. The collaboration reveal is slated for tomorrow, but, uh, since we already ~know~ maybe they'll just decide to drop the entire collection?

Fingers — complete with white nails and a heart tattoo — crossed.